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The BCBSTX app provides access to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas member information and resources. BCBSTX app also provides shopping information such as getting a quote and tracking an application. Members Features:
Easy Access:• Login or request login help• Register
Claims• View claims overview and line item details
Deductible• Check deductible and out of pockets amounts• View amounts at the individual and family levels
Find A Doctor• Find an in network doctor, hospital or facility• Find a nearby urgent care facility• Estimate the costs of procedures, tests and treatments• View patient reviews and average wait time • Search for doctors that speak Spanish
Coverage Details• View medical benefits and copay levels• View Prime pharmacy benefits and copay levels
ID• View temporary ID for subscriber and dependents• Send ID via email to your providers
Shoppers can: • Get a quote for insurance• Explore and compare insurance plan options• Apply for insurance• Track your insurance application status• Find a doctor, hospital or facility• Find a nearby urgent care facility
Languages supported: Spanish and English